Here is my list of notes, tools, and techniques with regards to accessibility. I hope, by learning from it I will make accessibility more accessible for myself and provide a more inclusive user experience with my web projects.


WebAIM Tabindex contains an excellent description of how to use the HTML tabindex attribute. The attribute can have three distinct uses: tabindex="1" (or any integer …

Privacy trumps metrics

A web user’s need for privacy trumps our need for analytics. This is especially the case for people with disabilities, who rightly don’t want their …

Form design

Form design by Geri Reid is a comprehensive compilation of best practices for accessible HTML forms. Geri´s site is beautiful, too.


A collection of bad practices in HTML, copied from real websites. Initiated by Manuel Matuzović and open for contributions.

Website evaluation tools

Any accessible website must … Tools References Any accessible website must … # use semantic-, standards-based HTML, apply accessibility best pratices (which is a wide …