I build and share these tools. Some are just tiny npm packages, some are complete applications. You may want to have a quick look at:


A npm package to get the latest commit date for a given file path. As getting the commit date is a time consuming step (like …


A markdown-it plugin that provides an incomplete implementation of cooklang.org. I used the logic for a different thing than a cooking recipe. Instead, I described on …


A markdown-it plugin to trim some whitespace from the resulting markup. The trimming occurs during the rendering process of the markup. Opening list items with <li> …


A markdown-it plugin to wrap any <table> into a <div> for horizontal scrolling on narrow screens. Examples Install Usage Examples # Column | Column------ | ------Cell  …


A markdown-it plugin to set aspect-ratio of responsive images, make them lazy loading, and to make videos responsive. Images Wrapping media Install Usage Configuration Images # Responsive …

Compose CSS

Compose CSS is a personal investigation and tools-building effort. I´m trying to find out for myself what is useful to have in a CSS library …


A npm package to draw a SVG stacked area chart with a day-based x-axis.


A npm package to draw a SVG cumulative flow diagram and predict the anticipated completion of work.


A npm package to draw a SVG horizontal gauge. Play with the settings of the horiz-gauge by visiting the horiz-gauge playground.


A npm package with a sorted map and sorted set, implemented as a binary tree.

Breakdown for Atom

Breakdown is a package to be added to your Atom editor. It allows you to display and manipulate a breakdown structure of your JIRA Scrum …


A npm package to make the header of your web pages dynamic.


File your workout routines and get a nice graphical overview of your achievements and improvements.


A virtual whiteboard to be shared by multiple people at the same time. Users will be anonymous – so no one needs to sign in.