Articles about my experiences within the agile movement and the agile value system. Popular:

What did I learn?

In a daily standup meeting, consider telling your team mates What did I learn since our last standup? There is also other advice for structuring …

Questions for setting up a new team

Jason Yip is asking: Diana Larsen, author of Liftoff: Launching Agile Teams and Projects, comments to start teams by understanding purpose, alignment, and context. …

Splitting User Stories

User Stories are short and simple descriptions of a feature told from the perspective of the person who desires the new capability, usually a user or customer of the system. It´s called User Story because you put the user into focus. Therefore a User Story should lead to a product increment that can be seen valuable from the user- or business perspective.

The balanced organization

The agile manifesto defines a collaboration culture. But what if your current environment is not collaborative? This article describes alternatives for moving into the agile direction.

The agile worker

The agile worker exists because of differences between theory and reality, and because insights can be gained through these discrepancies.

Scrum and Architecture

Cooperatively making architecture decisions, at a point in time when they are needed, and not earlier, is a quality-improving paradigm in agile software development. Conceptual integrity in the flow of architecture decisions will only be achieved if one person has the final word regarding those decisions. This is the architect, whose rights and obligations in the context of the Scrum process are being reflected in this essay.

The Box-Bullet-Line (BBL)

Many important aspects of software development are invisible. When creating software we work through different abstraction layers by analyzing symbols and writing code.

A Sprint is not a milestone

A Sprint is a sensor that allows us to see what has been done, what impediments are in our way and how we did better in comparison to previous Sprints.