A unicorn steering a kite with its horn
—by Emil

My name is Ulf Schneider and this is my website. I´m a software developer and agile coach, currently heading the Processes & Quality team of Diebold Nixdorf Professional Services. You can read a bit more about me here.

Every now and then my son Emil makes a drawing, which I aim to capture here. At the beginning of the Corona pandemic, Emil created a picture of the virus.

Below are my recent notes.


A npm package to get the latest commit date for a given file path. As getting the commit date is a time consuming step (like …

Tire pressure calculator

Calculate your optimal tire pressure based on surface, tire width, wheel diameter, tire type, avg. speed, and weight distribution on your bike, with the Silca …


A markdown-it plugin that provides an incomplete implementation of cooklang.org. I used the logic for a different thing than a cooking recipe. Instead, I described on …

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