A unicorn steering a kite with its horn
—by Emil


My name is Ulf Schneider and this is my website. I´m a software developer and agile coach, currently heading the Processes & Quality team of Diebold Nixdorf Professional Services. If you like, here is a bit more about my professional career.

At this place I´m publishing my thoughts about agile software development. I´m also building and sharing a set of tools which help me to shape my workspace a little more to my liking.

One of my most recent projects is a Fairlight Strael build. Every now and then my son Emil makes a drawing, which I aim to capture here. Emil created a picture of the virus at beginning of the Corona pandemic.

Below are my recent notes.

MathJax on the server with Markdown

Eric Meyer[1] made me aware of MathJax. On their site you find the claim: A JavaScript display engine for mathematics that works in all browsers. No …

The Effects of Nuclear Weapons

From the preface: For more than four decades, the 1977 edition of The Effects of Nuclear Weapons has been a mainstay for anyone doing unclassified …

Mozilla SSL Configuration Generator

That´s quite useful. A generator from Mozilla to create proper SSL configuration files for various http servers (Apache, nginx, Tomcat, …). Visit ssl-config.mozilla.org.

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