We are building a house

Our weed-covered land is starting to transform. This house project might take a time of nearly ten years in the end. We bought the property in 2019 from the city of Paderborn. Being elegible for buying required us to be on a waiting list for six to seven years. During 2019 we selected the builders, which are Knecht Fertigkeller for the cellar and Haas Fertigbau for the house. Also in 2019 we started to work on the architecture of the house. Now, in July 2020, change is coming!

I´m posting a timeline of images here to document the progress.

The ground #

19 Apr, 2019: Emil is running across a weed field. This is the place where we are going to build our house.

The envisioned house #

Oct 2019 - Apr 2020: Architecture work, some impressions.
Jul 6, 2020: We are in Falkenberg to decide the complete interior design of the house – within a duration of two days. Our builder, Haas, is taking care of accomodations and after the first day of work we are enjoying dinner in the beer garden of our hotel.

The initial measurement #

Jul 14, 2020: My brother is doing the measurements to prepare the underground engineering.

The excavation #

Jul 19, 2020: Heavy machinery is brought into place to do the excavation work. Our partner here is Andre Westermann.
Jul 21, 2020: Day one of excavation work. Our ground is rock and stones.
Jul 22, 2020: After only two days the excavation work is completed.

The fine measurement #

Jul 27, 2020: My brother is doing the fine measurements. We have a problem. The ground is so solid that we cannot bring in the steel posts properly. They go only as deep that it holds like spit-glued. Fortunately our cellar builder is capable enough and willing to go ahead with it.

The cellar #

Aug 6, 2020: The cellar builders start their hard work. The temperature is above 30 °C. At the first day it´s formwork and bringing in the steel. Three men are drinking 15 bottles of water during that day.
Aug 7, 2020: The basement plate preparation is ready for the concreting. I have hired a construction expert to help me with the acceptance of the delivered results. Before the concreting starts, he wants to see the steel. The expert is very satisfied with the good quality of the work and of course – I´m glad too! Finally it was the right decision to go with Knecht as the cellar builder. The three men, despite the heat of 33 °C in the afternoon, seem to work without any resting. I can only help them with providing water to drink, a bit of coffee, and some food. I think they earned their weekend well. Because of the heat they are covering the new basement plate with film, so that it doesn´t build out cracks during the hardening period. Next week they are going to finalize the cellar.
Aug 11, 2020, early morning: The silence before the storm. The men will erect the cellar today.
Aug 11, 2020, early morning: The work starts
Aug 11, 2020 before noon: The cellar is visible
Aug 11, 2020, afternoon: Bringing the last items into place
Aug 11, 2020, afternoon: The stairs are the last piece to assemble. The men are finishing their work for today.
Aug 13, 2020, early morning: Concreting the ceiling of the cellar.
Aug 28 to Sep 1, 2020: Filling up the workrooms and connecting to the sewerage system.
Sep 3, 2020: The cellar is ready.

Power and water supplies #

Sep 15 to Sep 16, 2020: Power and water supplies are provided

Measuring the cellar #

Sep 18, 2020: Measuring if the cellar is within the tolerance to place the house on top if it