Letterspacing of <code> elements

Widening the letterspacing of <code> elements in the flow of text emphasizes the code-nature of the element without using a different font or a different foreground/background color. I think it works for a sans-serif font but not for a serif. It is of use when having the same font for text and code. For example, you can easily have your text set with iA Writer Quattro, and use the very same typeface for your <code> elements.

The visual effect is subtle yet noticable. I´m lowering the font-size property of the <code>, to accomodate for the enhanced letter-spacing and to create more distinction.

Don´t apply the technique for multi-line code-blocks, as the widened letterspacing will occupy too much space in that case and make the legibility difficult.

code {
letter-spacing: 3px;
font-size: .9em;
font-family: inherit; /*use the font of the text flow*/
pre code {
letter-spacing: unset; /*don´t apply letter-spacign for multi-line code*/

Applying the CSS to the following HTML

<p>This <code>HTML</code> has a code distinction.</p>
<p>This HTML doesn´t.</p>

will lead to a rendering of

Two paragraphs. The first with a letter-spaced code named HTML, the second with non-letter-spaced HTML.