How the JAMstack enables Canada´s largest food retailer

A talk by Justin Watts at JAMstack_conf_sf 2019
"What got us here, won´t get us there", by Justin Watts from Loblaw

Loblaw is Canada´s largest retailer:

  • 85% of Canadians shop in one of their stores every week
  • 2800 stores nationwide
  • 7m people engange with their digital platforms every day
  • $45b in revenue in 2017
  • 12m loyalty members with over 600m transactions every year
  • 1.3m products in the grocery catalogue alone

By moving to the JAMStack for one of their core businesses („Shop like a mother“) they recognized extreme website improvements:

  • 17.5x faster contentful paint (from 12.3s down to 0.7s)
  • 8.2x faster meaningful paint
  • 9.4x faster time to interactive

Using netlifiy for their operations resulted in

  • 10x reduction in time to market
  • 38k monthly cost savings
  • fewer attack vectors
  • a happier team

They organize teams around

  • Content
  • Components
  • Features