Learn eleventy from scratch

A course made by Andy Bell, 2020

Learn Eleventy From Scratch is a training made by Andy Bell. It´s a practical, well organized, and well written course that allows you to get …

I am not your Negro ★

A documentary by Raoul Peck.

"Why was it necessary to have a nigger in the first place? I am not a nigger. I am a man. When I´m not a …

The Details

Blog post by Matthias Ott

Boy, how I like that: The details are not the details; they make the product. Charles and Ray Eames Never to forget about it! I found the quote …

Frauen, seid dankbar

Essay von Elisabeth Raether in Zeit Online

Frauen, seid dankbar. Die Wirtschaftsführer haben über die Jahre einen ganz eigenen Tonfall entwickelt, mit dem sie sich an die Öffentlichkeit wenden: etwas zwischen Drohen und …


A documentary film by Gary Hustwit

See what is in the Helvetica typeface. Listen to interesting typographer personalities, like for example Matthew Carter, who designed Georgia for Microsoft: "When I start …

Helvetica Bonus Footage

A documentary film by Gary Hustwit

As Gary Hustwit is currently giving his films for free, I watched his "Helvetica Bonus Footage" this week. You´re getting to see some very interesting …

Going Offline (book) ★

A Book Apart by Jeremy Keith

The book is following the same agenda as Jeremy does in his talk. Of course, the book provides more background and details. It also contains …

Going Offline (video) ★

A talk by Jeremy Keith

With "Going offline," Jeremy Keith is giving an excellent talk about how to turn a website into a Progressive Web App (PWA). A PWA is …

Less, but better – Rams ★

A documentary film by Gary Hustwit

"Rams" is a documentary by filmmaker Gary Hustwit about the legendary designer Dieter Rams. For decades, Dieter Rams was leading the design department of Braun, …

Progressive Web Apps – Where Do I Begin?

An Event Apart talk by Aaron Gustafson

"Progressive Web Apps – Where Do I Begin?" is not mainly about the Service Worker. Aaron is pointing out that a Progressive Web App aims …

Into the Personal-Website-Verse ★

A blog article by Matthias Ott

"Into the Personal-Website-Verse" is a plea for personal websites from Matthias Ott. Excellent stuff! Read it!

maldekstra 7

A magazine by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

Issue #7 is not about climate change, it´s about climate crisis: "Alle reden vom Klima. Wir über Klimagerechtigkeit." An entry into the topic can also …

How to flatten the curve

A Washington Post article by Harry Stevens

"How outbreaks like Coronavirus spread exponentially, and how to ´flatten the curve´."

This is a web page ★

A web page by Justin Jackson

At its heart, web design should be about words. Words don't come after the design is done. Words are the beginning, the core, the focus. …

The Birth of Inter

An article by Rasmus Andersson and Carmel DeAmicis

In "The Birth of Inter" Rasmus Andersson is explaining his (work)flow and tool usage while developing Inter, a beautiful sans-serif typeface designed for reading text …

The Shape of Design

A book y Frank Chimero

From the book: … Painting’s near and far states are akin to How and Why: the artist, when close to the canvas, is asking How questions …

It Doesn't Have to Be Crazy at Work

A book by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

From the book: Chaos should not be the natural state at work. Anxiety isn’t a prerequisite for progress. Sitting in meetings all day isn’t required …