Langeoog Island

July 06, 2015

Langeoog has wide and sandy beaches and lot´s of wind.

During world war II efforts were made to set up an airbase for the german armed forces, but the infrastructure was not finished. At the end of the war the runway was destroyed by allied troops through targeted zig-zag detonations.

To make it useless for starting and landing manoeuvres, trees were planted on the entire airfield area. Now, 70 years later, a wild and dense grove has grown. It is called the “Inselwäldchen”. I was there after an intense rain shower on a dark and windy evening and found the mood very mysterious and calming.

Langeoog´s landmark is the old water tower which has been built in 1909.

Not all buildings are so well known.

And there is a marina, too.

I could not withstand the orange and blue.

Cars are not allowed on the island and if you want to move around you have to do it by foot, bicycle or with horse-drawn carriages.