Bauhaus Dessau

May 24, 2015

The Bauhaus Dessau is a great place to experience the open-mindedness, the idealistic, adventuresome new thinking and the architectural style that influenced almost every architect and designer in the last 90 years. An icon of the modern era.

This photo series is a result of two visits, the first one in June 2013 and the second in May 2015. Two journeys into the archeology of modernism. You can get general information at

When you look at the Bauhaus building from 1925/26, it appears like a bunch of boxes spread around but connected to each other.

Glass, transparency and straight lines play a huge role.


Looking inside out

Marcel Breuer´s B3 Wassily Chair

Marcel Breuer

Lis Beyer, Ise Gropius?

Some newer work

The directors office by Walter Gropius - the visitor takes a seat in the armchair, the director is sitting on the chair.

The functional parts are visible

Junkers heating

The Prellerhaus

The Prellerhaus nowadays is the overnight accomodation of the Bauhaus and the café in the basement of the Bauhaus building serves breakfast, meals and drinks. We stayed there for one night.

View from our balcony

Our room

The café

A short walk of 2 kilometers will bring you from the Bauhaus building to the Kornhaus. We have been there for dinner and it was quite good.

Laubenganghaus, built by Hannes Meyer 1929 - 1930

Door handle with nicely integrated lock, inside of a Laubenganghaus.