Bike Geo´s

Geometries of bikes I find interesting. For comparison my reference is the Rose XEON TEAM GF 57 road marathon bike, which I´m riding for multiple years now. [1]

BikeCommentFrame SizeStackReachSeat AngleHead AngleTrailChain StaysWheelbaseBB DropBB Threaded
Rose XEON TEAM 2017I´m riding it with a 90 mm stem and a drop bar with 75 mm reach5758338774734101001No
Specialized Roubaix 2021more relaxed than the XEON5660538473.573.55541599576Yes
Specialized Diverge 2021longer reach and wheelbase, slack steering5661039273.571.7557425104280Yes
Fairlight Strael 3.0 (tall)James Hayden, the two-times winner of the Transcontinental, rode a Strael. It´s a steel bike weighing under 9 kilo´s. Fairlight offers the regular and tall geometries, which I think is an incredible commitment to rider needs. Their design notes, written by Dom Thomas who is the bike designer of Fairlight cycles, really speak to me. After being interested in Fairlight and the Strael for multiple years now, I ordered a frame which will probably arrive by March 2022.5660038073.57357418100268Yes
Fairlight Secan 2.0 (tall)James Hayden won the Italy Divide (together with Sofiane Seihill) on a Secan5661038573.57260.7430103477Yes
Santa Cruz Stigmata 2021it´s not important for the geo, but the color schemes for 2022 are awful5659638873.57257425102572Yes

  1. When you don´t find the geometry data for older bikes on the manufacturers page, bike geometries can be looked up at ↩︎