This site is build and maintained with Jekyll and hosted on GitHub Pages. Source code is on GitHub. I am using Twitter-Post-Fetcher to access my Twitter timeline and Unveil.js to delay the loading of images in galleries until they are needed. The typeface is Input by David Jonathan Ross. I´m purchasing it at Webtype, where you can test and play with any of their fonts for 30 days at no cost, until you decide what is right for you. The desktop variant of Input is free for private use and the web typeface variant is really inexpensive - lot´s of value for the money.

I build and share these tools:


File your workout routines and get a nice graphical overview of your personal achievements and improvements.


A virtual whiteboard to be shared by multiple persons at the same time. Users will be anonymous - so no one needs to sign in.

Exposure Guide

An iPhone App that allows you to calibrate the darkening effect of your photographic neutral density filters. Exposure Guide has a timer for single und combined filter use.


The external memory for innovation teams with special support for agile software development. We use this web application at Diebold Nixdorf to support our agile product development teams in China, Germany, Netherlands and Poland.