memYAK is the external memory for innovation teams with special support for agile software development.

We use this web application at Diebold Nixdorf to support our agile product development teams in China, Germany, Netherlands and Poland.

Download memYAK 2.7.6 - it´s free

You can store any kind of data in memYAK and use filter and search mechanisms to select the contents that are of relevance for you. Structured navigational concepts like a Kanban Grid or a Product Backlog View support you in your project work. A Product Burndown Diagram indicates the progress of your endeavors.

memYAK is a Java Enterprise application that leverages MongoDB for data storage. Install memYAK in a web container like Tomcat. Fire up your web browser and you are ready to start.

Remark: Currently the install documentation and the online help are only German.